About Me

About Taran

Taran Sound Healing - Zensory Experiences is a multidisciplinary project that offers unique, life-changing, immersive experiences that reconnect people with their senses.  

The project is the brainchild of Taran, a Conscious Immersive Wellness Curator who is passionate about creating and incorporating new and innovative elements to create unique and transformative experiences.  

Taran is a Certified Gong Master, Sound Alchemist, and holistic curator. He is also certified as an International Kundalini Yoga Instructor and Vinyasa Instructor, and has over 35 years of experience in special events entertainment and 10+ years of holistic experience.  

He is passionate about helping others to reconnect to their inner wisdom through integral wellness programs that focus on the body, mind, and emotions. He loves to create a blend of music, mindfulness, culture, and amazing unique locations, not to mention the elevation of vibrations you experience to tune you up in a surprising way.  

Taran has helped hundreds of people reconnect with themselves using the same tools that helped him start his personal healing journey. After being diagnosed with a degenerative illness and suffering an accident that led to a total hip replacement, Taran began his quest to find his true calling and elevate his mindset.  

Taran is also specialized in In Water Rebirthing Ceremonies, Meditation, Kundalini Pranayama (Breathwork) and aromatherapy, Fire carrier, Kundalini Gong Rebirthings, and has studies in Mayan Cosmovision, Shamanism among other skills. 

He creates quantum music to expand healing vibrations around the globe. Taran was able to find his purpose and share it with others. 

He now offers large-scale group ceremonies and individual sessions. He constantly participates in retreats, workshops, and festivals across Mexico and internationally. If you are looking for a unique, life-changing experience that will reconnect you with your senses.